Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia organized first Local Stakeholder group meeting for TRINNO project in Litija, Slovenia on 28th September 2016. 18 different stakeholders from all four spheres – University, public sphere, private sphere and civil society were invited and most of them agreed to be actively involved in Local stakeholder group, but not all of them could participate in the 1st stakeholder group.

TRINNO project manager Anita Molka started the meeting with the presentation of TRINNO project and presentation of the Barcelona Business Ecosystem. The workshop was aimed at analyzing and evaluating current innovation ecosystem in Slovenia and identifying the opportunities offered by individual stakeholder that can be connected and upgraded to effect individual policies, projects and activities and synergistically contribute to the strengthening of the innovation potential and its implementation.

Local Stakeholder Group workshop was moderated by Ladeja Godina Košir, one of the co-founders of ABC Accelerator Ljubljana who is being actively involved in start-up scene in Slovenia.

The workshop was designed in the form of moderated discussions, which focused on the areas of:

  • The role of Universities
  • The role of private sector
  • The role of public sector

Within each of the areas, the participants evaluated the current situation and develop proposals on how to get improvements or how to enhance the effects of individual activities. They used the method of recording in the form of mindset and adding the final individual proposals through post-it notes. After each round the recommendations from participants have been harmonized and taken as a starting point for further activities under the project.