On 10 September, Public Works Agency of the Andalusia Regional Government realized the Peer Review Workshop of the draft of their own Action Plan.

During this first TRAM Peer Review Workshop, the Interregional Team of Regional Experts (ITRE) analyzed the process undertaken by the Andalusian Partner to identify the Best Practices on sustainable mobility discovered during the international learning process, which was realized during previous tasks of TRAM Project, such as Study Visits and International Thematic Workshops.

Public Works Agency illustrated how the Best Practices have been translated into measures of the Action Plan needed to improve the policy instrument of Andalucia, i.e. the Regional Operative Programme 2014 – 2020. PP2’s action plan includes a special focus on how to improve Demand Responsive Transport system, facilities for biking, secure parking or cycle paths network signposting, and more improvements of the integrated cards to support multimodal travels.

Results of the workshop will be resumed in a feedback report compiled by ITRE Panel containing suggestions to strengthen the adaptability and transferability of best practices in the local action plan.

In the next months, other TRAM partners will hold their Peer Review Workshops, in order to achieve by the end of the first phase of TRAM Project, which is March 2019, the final version of the 5 Action Plans, that will improve the sustainable mobility within the policy instruments.