On 11 September 2018 TRAM project hold its fifth Steering Committee meeting in Seville, at the PP2 headquarters.

It was a great occasion to see each other and to discuss in details some important matters, such as, for example, financial monitoring and reporting, drafting and development of Action plans, communication tasks and upcoming activities.

The SC took some relevant decisions, after a fruitful debate among all participants.


During the first half of the morning, the ITRE panel had its meeting as well. During this assembly, experts had the chance to discuss about a few issues, for example about the learning process during the fifth semester, with a particular focus on stakeholders’ involvement and best practices selection.

In addition, they discussed about the first Peer Review workshop, which was organized the day before, with an eye to any possible corrections to the methodology. Finally, ITRE panel activities for next semester were debated.