On February 20 the seminar on the future of healthcare was organised in the University Hospital of Tampere, Finland, with the focus on modern well-being centres, where you can get the best services following the concept of a one-stop shop.

The interventions and discussions in the seminar focused on the importance of patient experience, the possibilities of digital and mobile solutions, the advantages of multidisciplinary approach and participatory design in well-being centres, and the importance of paying attention to community health. 

In Tampere, next to the University Hospital, a new well-being centre will be built to cater for the needs of 40 000 people in the future. In addition to providing well-being, social and health services for the neighbouring community, the centre will also serve as a platform for the development, research, innovation and education in the well-being sector in Tampere region. Co-creation is seen as a key element in both availability and effectiveness of social and health services.