On behalf of the Province of West Flanders, local coordinator Diederik Declercq and communication manager Mathias Mestdagh have designed a three day event which gives the partners from seven European countries the opportunity to exchange their experience and knowledge. Partners will present and discuss results of a gap analysis performed in each partner region. Discussions will be held using an interactive World Cafe method which enables to involve efficiently a large group of participants. Regional stakeholders will join the meeting and participate in the discussions and site visit to get to know the West Flanders achievements in the implementation of RIS3 and innovation infrastructure development.

The Province of West-Flanders is looking forward to welcome all the TraCS3 Interregional partners and their regional stakeholders during this meeting! Their main goal is to make sure that this event will make an important contribution to the project and will continue in a pleasant atmosphere.  

Kind regards! 

Diederik Declercq 

Mathias Mestdagh