On April 11th 2018 in Milan, at Pirelli Palace, took place the first interregional workshop on Personalised health.

The Event, opened by the Lombardy Ministry of Health Giulio Gallera, brought together European regional representatives and stakeholders’ in order make the first move towards an interregional coordination on Personalised Health, gathering important inputs about Personalised Medicine and Personalised Health. Specifically during the workshop was:

  1. Presented the European personalised medicine and health context, its challenges and opportunities for regional authorities to improve their health system by supporting the industrial sector
  2. described the IC-PERMED and ERA-PerMed Context
  3. Showcased success stories of innovative project. Five Interreg Europe Projects (TITTAN, ELISE; Ho-CARE, HELIUM and the newly approved MEDTECH4EUROPE) highlighted how health innovations are facilitating a better management and care of patients, usually in a multi pathology condition, and even enabled prediction and prevention tool for particular diseases.
  4. Present the Vanguard/Esther Pilot on Medical technologies;
  5. Analyse the personalised Medicine and Health challenges from a more regulatory and socio economics point of view.

The workshop main expected outcome is to set the scene for a first pan-European interregional coordination on Personalised Health which wants to:

  • Define R&D&I investment priorities,
  • Align regional policies,
  • Enable joint investment on Personalised Health.

The discussion also encompassed the main areas the future interregional cooperation should focus on and which appear to be: Big-data and electronic medical records, connected and integrated health, Health industry; Facilitate the innovation flow in health care, Responsible research and Innovation.

During the next months Lombardy region, together with Galicia, Saxony, Lower Silesia and Tuscany will work on the establishment of the coordination, which hopefully will be launched at the European Congress on Personalised Health in Milan on November 26-28th. Stay tuned!