On November 16-17th, the Galician Health Knowledge Agency (ACIS) together with the Galician Public Health System and the Ramón Domínguez Health Foundation, went to Almere (The Netherlands) to learn about one of the good practices presented on previous workshops called "Health Factory".

Health Factory is a non-profit organization focused on open, social and technological innovation, as well as the creation of value through the analysis of Big Data. Their projects are focused on people and wants to improve the quality life of children and adults with disabilities besides elderly.

It is a multidisciplinary and flexible organization that goes beyond the model of traditional organizations. It seeks to join the diverse actors of society involved in health as local government, industry, health professionals, patients, universities, and investors. Health Factory offers researchers the opportunity to collaborate with other actors related to health. It is also a center to find new partners with which to achieve synergies in innovation as well as sponsors. The projects are economically viable and always oriented to the market.

One of the initiatives in which Health Factory is involved is Fieldlab. The main idea is to train teachers to be up to date in the field of new technologies, teaching students the skills most demanded by companies. In addition, they practice these skills acquired by the students within the schools themselves through small projects in which they collaborate with companies.