The designing of an action plan has started in April 2016 and it will last two years. Three Health related-Thematic Areas are being addresing the Project. Inside-out Techonological Innovation questions were studied in last recent months.

The Project is divided into three different action lines. Last priorities were focused on inside-out technological innovation issues. Our partners from Almere (The Netherlands) hosted a three-day Workshop. All partners and some of their respective stakeholders shared good practices to reduce the gap between research and market in health sector.

There were three intense days of work, with presentations of good practices from TITTAN partners and their regional stakeholders. Besides, there were study visits prepared by the host as examples of innovative initiatives in both cities, Ámsterdam and Almere, as well as meetings for monitoring, coordinating and planning the TITTAN Project.

On the first day, together with good practices, some stakeholders announced their projects: betting on innovation in the field of nutrition, for a healthy ageing and others were based in cutting edge technology coming from Galicia, the Basque Country and, Lower Silesia. After that, all partners participated in a study visit at the A-Lab Ámsterdam, the coworking space where they mix equally creativity and technology.

During the second day, the rest of the good practices were presented from Galicia (Pre-comercial development of research results PRIS), Scotland (Digital Health & Care Institute), Saxony (C3-Saxony) and Lower Silesia (medical massage as a medicine in geriatrics and an example of the first showroom apartment for the elderly in Poland, among others). Tuesday's work was completed by study visits to various innovative initiatives in Almere, such as HealthFactory (living lab), Big Data Value Center (data Intelligence) and Senior Live (social innovation).

The Ámsterdam DataLab was the place chosen for the last session of the workshop, to review the progress of the TITTAN Project, as well as to plan the in situ visits for the thematic área. Led by the Italians and Dutch partners, TITTAN partners will carry out up-to-5-days stays in a región with relevant experience in the field of inside-out technological innovation. These individual visits complement the collective Study visits done during the workshop, by giving to the visiting partner the opportunity to address specific questions, in accordance with its own needs. Thre proposed in situ visits are:

Learner Partner
Mentor Partner
Good practice/s
Lower Silesia
Open Innovation Platform
Healthy Saxony; Lower Silesia; BIOEF
Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI); Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL); Research & Development in Scottish Universities
Healthy Saxony
C3 Saxony
City of Almere
Health Factory
PRIS, HIP and E-Saude
City of Almere
M4FUTURE, Comprehensive Corporate Innovation Model; Age Friendly Basque Country

In addition to his workshop, all partners hold several meetings with their respective regional stakeholders such as research centers, Universities and private company clusters. All these initiatives will benefit indirectly to the citizens of the regions involved, in particular, elderly people and patients with chronic illness.

All European partners are proud to be participating in the TITTAn Project. They are already relizing how significant this Project can be in each of the participating regions. And last but not least, they mention as a central point of the Project success, the good cooperation, smooth communication and excellent working environment among the Project partners that prevail not only during the workshops but in the distance as well.