A very fruitful three-day event, the fisrt interregional workshop of TITTAN focused on Outside-In Innovation , which featured experts from the different European regions of the partnership was hosted in Galicia from Monday to Wednesday.

This was the first of five interregional workshops of TITTAN, Translation Innovation and Technology Transfer in Ageing, an initiative to establish a network of knowledge related to innovation and technology transfer in health, taking priority diseases related to population aging.

The main objective of this first workshop was to exchange the best practices in Outside-In Innovation in the fiel of health, in order to facilitate the transfer of existing knowledge and technological developments in the private sector towards the health systems. The aim of this strategy is to influence citizens, companies,  researchers and clinicians about the importance of innovation to improve the quality of life of older people.

Experts shared those innovation programs and initiatives between the public and private sector that have been succesfully implemented in their regions by making a clear benfit to patients and health systems. During the workshop, particular emphasis was put on promoting methodologies of Innovative Public Procurement, not only from a theorical point of view but also from a practical point of view. TITTAN team traveled to the University Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro, in Vigo, in order to gain a first-hand knowledge  of some of the projects implemented in Galicia by using Innovative Public Procurement procedures in the framework of H2050 and Innovasaúde projects, funded by ERDF funds 2007-2013.

After the Workshop, the first Action Group was established in order to get a more in deep knowledge of those practices with potential to be incorporated in the different regions of the consortium. This first workshop will be coordinated by BIOEF and ACIS and will be in charge of the organization of the In-Situ Visit reklated to the Outside-In Innovation area. These in-situ visits will be organized within the second semester of the Project, which covers from October 1st to March 31st.

TITTAN team will keep you posted abour the news of the Project!