The next 6th April Tania will be presenting during the meeting called “Innovative technologies for the environmental remediation” which will be held in Florence at the Tuscany Region premises.

The purpose of the event is to foster a matching among the main regional subjects, such as institutions, enterprises, research centers, for the environmental remediation in order to prepare a report on the state of the art that will represent the starting point for defining proposals in the next future regional policies based on innovation in the context of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) . It also wants to promote the sustainable technologies inclusion within the sector by combining innovation and environment. 

The event will be divided into two different sessions: 

  • The first one will provide a presentation on the main innovative technologies relating to the environmental remediation based on advanced materials as well as a deepening about the existing regulatory framework in the sector. 
  • The second part will be focused on a debate with the stakeholders aimed to point out the current state of the art.