Mari Dahl from University of Helsinki participated in a seminar on soil remediation in Vantaa called ”Maaperä kuntoon ja JASKA –päivät” held on the 5th and 6th November 2019. The event was a great opportunity to promote the TANIA project and the upcoming TANIA symposium. She distributed the TANIA flyers there and received several registrations for TANIA events thanks to the promotion work. Seminar themes matched perfectly for TANIA project’s purposes and the participation improved Mari’s knowledge of the contaminated land management in Finland. Networking outside of the official program was useful and helped to get contacts for the activities of phase 2 in the region of Päijät-Häme. At the same time, the seminar proved to be useful as the moderators selected for the TANIA Symposium in November also participated. It was thus possible to better define the contents of the symposium's panels discussion with them during the seminar breaks.

Soil remediation seminar in Vantaa, Finland gathered over 120 consultants, officers, researchers and contractors working with contaminated soil and groundwater. In addition to the current environmental management issues, the program contained several case examples and information on future reforms in Finland with respect to legislation, training offerings and sustainability assessment.

Further information is consultable within the following links containing the program of the seminar and a summary