The last 30 and 31 of August TANIA project was presented and discussed at an academic seminar of the Guangdong Polytechnic of Environmental Protection Engineering (GDPEPEPE) in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. Invited speaker and representative of the TANIA partnership was Dr Martin Romantschuk of the University of Helsinki (partner 3).

One of the themes of the presentation was "In situ bioremediation of contaminated soils; comparison and combination of different approaches". In this context, Dr Romantschuk presented in detail material on the techniques in use, including those that are being promoted in Tania, and that will be further developed in the Tania related new project Nanorauta.

The seminar was attended by the entire faculty and students of the Guanddong Polytechnic of Environmental Protection Engineering, about 100 people.

Below are some photos taken during the event.