The first TEE (TANIA Exchange Event) took place in Empoli on the 6th – 7th February 2017, at the ASEV (Lead Partner) premises. Aim of the meeting was to gather input through participative exchange sessions, expert presentations on the concept of nanoremediation and its potential as well as study visits. Each session was organized using a participative format and ice-breaking techniques, encouraging input from the audience and open, interactive debate.

This first event of the TANIA project was designed to introduce and discuss the topic of nanoremediation and to help partners and stakeholders get to know each other. The first day session began with an overview of the TANIA project approach, activities and outputs, including Stakeholder Group Creation. After that, partners discussed on the concept of nanoremediation and its various applications.

The 2nd day partners moved to the premises of Acque Industriali water depuration plant where they joined a presentation about Acqua Industriali and their experimentation in Coltano drainage plant and a second presentation by Labromare. Both Acqua Industriali and Labromare are involved in a strategic research project at regional level, which associated nanoremediation with dewatering of environmental matrices. Afterwards, they attended two study visits to Coltano drainage pump and Labromare facilities at Darsena Petroli for practical examples of nanoremediation application. The afternoon was dedicated to provide an overview of the project both for communication activities and the main financial requirements.