Region of Crete (Partner 6) participated with a poster presentation on the 6th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management during 4-7 of September in Chania (Crete).

The topics covered by the conference included:

  • Regulations and Legislation on Industrial and Hazardous Waste (IHW), IHW Management;
  • Toxicological and Safety Aspects of IHW ,Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Groundwater;
  • Circular Economy aspects.

The title of the poster was “Promoting nanotechnology and other  innovative technologies for  remediation  of  contaminated  soil  and water in the Region of Crete  hrough Tania Interreg  Europe”, where TANIA project and the expected outcomes of the project for the Region of Crete  was presented.

Fruitful discussions during the poster session time with participants from companies and universities led to 100 flyers distribution and also contact was made with the biggest remediation company in Greece.