Symbi aims to support the transition to a “Resource Efficient Circular Economy”, through the creation of territorial synergies for the management of waste and the energy exchange and secondary raw materials, promoting the development of industrial symbiosis processes among the companies of the territory. In this regard, the Chamber of Commerce of Molise, along with the 8 other European partners of the project, carried out in these first months of the project a series of investigations and activities in order to analyze and outline the current state about the status of the above mentioned themes. In particular, through interviews and questionnaires we focused on:

  • Current status of national and regional policies in partner countries;
  • Public and private investment in the implementation of industrial symbiosis;
  • Cases of best practices of industrial symbiosis;
  • Adoption and diffusion of green public procurement

The Stakeholders confirming their participation to the meeting were several and really relevant to the project aim, there were institutional stakeholder at regional and national level, universities and SMEs involved in circular economy process and SMEs involved in recycle of waste. In the specific:

• Province of Campobasso

• University of Molise • Municipality of Isernia

• ISPRA “Superior Institute for the environmental protection and Research

• Industrial Consortium Campobasso Boiano

• RiPlastic Spa

• Caseificio Barone

• FAGRI – Filiera Agricola Italiana

• Azienda Speciale SERM