The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the regional and national policies in the field of industrial symbiosis and circular economy, discuss obstacles that hindering the transition into circular economy, map the potential new industrial eco-systems, make an overview of how the green public procurement could serve as enabler for industrial symbiosis and to exchange good practices. Based on presentation of good practices by TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Development Centre, the meeting also aimed at encouraging private and public sector to bring the divergent positions and views closer to consensus and thus enable policy-makers to revise the legislation in the field of environment. Through dialogue, Slovenian partner and its' stakeholders were able to assess how circular economy and industrial symbiosis are being realized in Slovenia and which further measures should be adopted in order to accelerate this process. We identified several topics that were in the interest of stakeholders to be discussed at future meetings, e. g. secondary raw material market (by having a small pilot market with industries and companies) and initiating a structured dialogue between four ministries and the Slovenian Environment Agency.