On 16 January 2019, our partner from Italy, Chamber of Commerce of Molise organised a Dissemination Event in collaboration with Legambiente Italy with the general aim of promoting the adoption of a circular economy.

The Chamber of Commerce specifically announced the drafting of the Action Plan focusing in particular on some actions contained therein. These included the drafting of the Regional Law on Regional Economy and the updating of the Regional Waste Plan. The event was an opportunity to present some best practices of virtuous companies of the Region. The second part of the event was dedicated to the "Ricicloni" Municipalities prize, namely the municipalities that carried out the highest percentage of separate waste collection. The event was a great success. It was attended by leading experts and stakeholders at national and regional level, including the national president of Legambiente and the President of the Molise Region. About 60 people took part in Ecoforum.

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