The Malopolska Region will allow approx. 10 mln€ from the Regional Operational Programmefor creating modern points of selective collection of municipal waste and for upgrading waste recovery and recycling plants.

As part of the call for project which finished on 7th December 2017 modern waste collection and treatment points will include a special area for fractions of hazardous, bulky and construction waste which in the contexts of boosting circular economy are a potential source of secondary materials.

In the assessment of projects, there will be a special bonus for the ones that assume establishingintegrated repair points and points for collecting second-hand goods.

Additional points will also be available for promotional and educational activities that increase ecological awareness among younger and older residents.

The Malopolska Region hopes that by introducing circular policies in the ROP will have a positive impact on the realization of the waste prevention plan and by repair points will create a trend on circular products.