During the semester, Pannon Novum has contacted to the main potential regional and national stakeholders by e-mail, phone call and personal meeting to inform the regional stakeholder group in West-Transdanubia. 4th meeting of stakeholder members of West Transdanubia was organized by Pannon Novum in 18th May 2018 in Szombathely city, with participation of 12 stakeholder members among them from Innovation center, SMEs, researchers and universities. The results of Campobasso, Italy workshop and targeted policy instruments were presented before questions and discussion part.

The 4th stakeholders’ meeting was dedicated to overview and follow up of the implementation of SYMBI project. The Hungarian project partner introduced the last international meetings topics to the regional stakeholders, targeted the successful example of in field of waste management and recycling in the regions, which was introduced in the last international project meeting in Molise province. We presented the good examples of the international meeting, focus on the KEHOP 5. sustainability and renewable energy utilization. Hungarian good examples also discussed in these topics by the relevant stakeholders, which can contribute to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy.

Pannon Novum are involving the members of the stakeholder groups in these exchange activities in addition to the second stakeholder group meetings in every partner region in order to receive updates on the project’s progress (all PPs). Information about identified GPs in field of climate strategy, waste management, recycling were disseminated within the group. Regional Stakeholder groups discuss and reflect the results from the Interregional Learning workshops for their own region, the new technologies, provide their views on new business models and the innovation support possibilities.