The second SIG meeting has confirmed the commitment of all the stakeholders and showed what they are expecting. They hope to be connected each other and with the policies' makers to have a clear address and projects' relationship.

These expectations have been expressed both from the big ones, as the Bank Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce or the Metropolitan Consortium for the Water Infrastructures, and from the several direct experiences as the local ones or the academic ones. The shared question is the process facilitation to turn the ideas into concrete project, sharing experience, communication and social information. All this using a useful digital platform.

SWARE is a cooperation project with six project partners: Association Regio Water (Lead Partner, The Netherlands), Tipperary County Council (Ireland), Metropolitan City of Milan (Italy), Pons Danubii European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (Slovakia), Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) and Province of Zuid-Holland (The Netherlands).

The overall objective of SWARE project is to foster integrated management of natural and cultural heritage within inland waterway regions by improving the partner regions’ related policy instruments in order to create a better balance between the protection and sustainable exploitation of the natural resources and the built heritage sites. Project SWARE is implemented with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Interreg Europe Programme 2014-2020.