The province of Zuid-Holland (PZH) and Association Regio Water (VRW) organized their second SIG meeting on the 20th of December 2016. Again the members of the first tier came together to discuss the future process and implementation of the SWARE-project. During the opening SIG meeting on the 26th of October, it became clear that the SIG was interested and wanted to continue on existing ambitions and practices. Therefore the main topic on the agenda for the second SIG meeting was: existing ambitions.

Present was the Policy Advisor “Waterrecreatie”, Monique Kölliker, of the province of Noord-Holland, who spoke about the challenges and opportunities of water recreation in her province. With the developed “Ambition map” she showed a new process of stakeholder management which was very interesting for the province of Zuid-Holland. The agenda of the SIG had left a lot of space for discussion on how to use this knowledge to the advantage of the SWARE-project.

In the new year, the project partners of Zuid-Holland will start a new chapter in the SWARE-project stakeholder management: the second group of stakeholders will be included, thematic experts will be appointed and the good practice transfer stage will be launched.