Programme of the Knowledge Exchange Session (KES) in Milan

Day 1: Tuesday, September 12th, 2017


IDROSCALO. Short visit to water sports and entertainment centre run by the Metropolitan City of Milan.

1ST FIELDWORK SESSION AT IDROSCALO. Strong and weak key points, good practices and, above all, the intervention of the authority in providing water sports and entertainment services.


NAVIGLIO MARTESANA AND CASCINA MARTESANA. The visit will give evidence to the social and communication work of young men in restoring an old farmhouse from the ruins to a well run resort place for entertainment and cultural initiatives in the area.

Very short walk through Gorla District and the Martesana Park. The visit will take place along the cycle lane which connects the city to the River Adda (Naviglio Martesana).

12:30–14:15 Lunch




NAVIGLIO OF PADERNO. Walking from Porto d’Adda Inferiore to Rocchetta Valley.

2ND FIELDWORK SESSION AT STALLAZZO. Illustration of the projects of Parco Adda Nord on the restoration of the Naviglio of Paderno and the activities of Ecomuseum Adda of Leonardo. Moreover the Cooperative Solleva (association) will expose its activities in favour of tourism and cultural heritage in the Rocchetta Valley.


PALAZZO PIROLA. Short exposition of how a typical food product such as the famous “Gorgonzola Cheese” could bring fame to the Agricultural Food Disctrict Adda-Martesana.


VILLA DACCO. Short presentation of Ecomuseo Martesana and its activities in favour of revitalizing the territory starting from its natural, economic, social, touristic and artistic resources. Focus on the territorial network combining all aspects of the heritage with tourism and infrastructures (Naviglio Martesana), also involving all the actors and stakeholders of Adda/Martesana area.

Day 2: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017


PANPERDUTO. Visit to the dam and the dock, experiencing the functioning of the dam; visit to the Museum of the Italian and Swiss waters and to the hostel.

3RD FIELDWORK SESSION AT THE HOSTEL. Introduction of the Consorzio Villoresi practices in managing all the works along the Lombard and Milanesi Navigli (network of 140 km). Water machines’ demonstrations in the museum of the Italian and Swiss waters.

12:00–13:00 Lunch


VILLE DI DELIZIA. Ferryboat tour of the Itinerary of Delights (Castelletto di Cuggiono, Robecco, Cassinetta di Lugagnano).


THE ABBEY OF MORIMONDO. Visit to the Abbey which is one of the most important Lombard abbeys and part of  what is known as the Abbey Roads by MCM. Short presentation by Cascina Caremma and Explora srl, the Destination Management Organization (DMO) of Regione Lombardia, whose primary function is the promotion of tourist services and facilities.


4TH FIELDWORK SESSION MUSA. Visit to the museum of savours and typical rural products of the area. Here MCM has the opportunity to present the Rural South Park (Parco Agricolo Sud). In the area operates an agency which will explain how to combine resources (territorial and human) in order to give work to local young men and women in search for a green job. In addition there will be the contribution of the Rural District Adda-Martesana to explain how to operate on a local basis with agriculture and its renewing system and an intervention from iiMerge and from AFOL Sud Milano, an agency made up of Milan and 27 municipalities from south Milan, which provides employment services.

Day 3: Thursday, September 14th, 2017


CARIPLO FACTORY. Matching workshops in the building of Cariplo Factory, a project established by Cariplo Foundation which aims to create job opportunities for young people, implementing open innovation partnership project, CRS and promoting young talents.

  • Short plenary session
  • Four tables, discussion in small groups

–> 1st table: The feasibility through an effective governance

–> 2nd table: The feasibility through models or instruments

–> 3rd table: Discussion about the feasibility through sustainable management of the waterways system combined with heritage and infrastructures

–> 4th table: Discussion about the feasibility from a financial point of view

  • Conclusions in  plenary session