In the framework of SUPPORT, ALEA as a national partner implements the [email protected] pilot action capitalizing on the [email protected] project approach which has already proven its effectiveness in raising awareness among employees on the rational use of energy in their workplace only by changing their behaviour as energy consumers.
The aim of the pilot action is to inspire and encourage communities to reduce energy consumption through changes in their energy consumer behaviour.
Employees working in an important public building, namely the ”Horea, Closca and Crisan” National College from Alba Iulia - an emblematic college building in Alba County, form a team accepting the challenge of their public authority to achieve energy savings of at least 9 % within 12 months compared with a previous reference year.  By identifying how energy is used in the office, the energy team simply focuses on making small changes to their behaviours as energy consumers and use a large diversity of techniques to encourage their colleagues to do the same! This pilot action is about staff engaging in actions to reduce the carbon emissions of their office building by learning about the amount of energy they use and the way they can reduce it.

Each team is supported by an energy expert who motivates them and provides tailored solutions and an energy saving toolkit to assist them in measuring their savings. The energy expert also collects energy consumption data for the reference year. Under the continuous guidance of ALEA, the energy expert provides the energy team the support they need to make a difference be it just by simple actions such as turning off the printer before they go home or changing the settings on their computers. The energy team benefits from a training course conducted by ALEA that covers issues related to energy consumption and monitoring in an office building as well as energy related aspects of the HCC College building. 
An online tool specially designed within the ANERGO Observatory will calculate the energy savings of the involved building based on the data that is fed in by SMART monitoring equipment installed on site. The Observatory also gathers data on air quality from the sensors installed in the building. Beside the SMART equipment for monitoring energy and consumption as well as air quality; there are also several SMART control systems on site which automatically cut down electricity and thermal energy when the situation requires, based on the necessary energy demand for the specific needs at a certain time for the users in the designated demonstrative areas.

The building, an educational one belonging to one of the top colleges in Alba County and Romania poses high potential of multiplying the impact of the lessons learnt through the students, who will be involved in the energy saving process and in the monitoring of the results. HCC College has its own group of students, who are actively involved in innovative actions at international level in the field of environment and climate change whose involvement will be as providers of possible innovative smart solutions for energy savings.
The municipality plays an important role in the project as supporter and supervisor of the challenge, but also as spreader of information by offering the opportunities to make social gatherings of the participants with other similar communities identified by them in order to share experience and set the grounds for others to take up the approach.
The official launch of the project took place on October 21st, 2019, at the National College "Horea, Cloșca and Crișan" Alba Iulia, with participation of over 40 people, representatives of the City Hall of Alba Iulia and of the National College "Horea, Cloșca and Crișan" ,
Important results targeted by the pilot action: 9% reduction of energy consumption during the implementation period, 9% reduction of CO2 emissions, identification of a set of main investments for the transformation of the building into a more efficient and energy-sustainable one and ultimately into becoming an nZEB.
By implementing this pilot action, Alba Local Energy Agency together with Alba Iulia Municipality, continues its efforts towards achieving a strategic objective, namely reducing the impact of energy consumption on the environment and at the same time the pilot action will strengthen the education of the citizens so that they become responsible consumers of energy, thus acting to limit climate change.