On january, the 9th and 10th, at Palazzo Valentini, Metropolitan City of Rome’s headquarter, two days of studies and expertise that the Metropolitan institution had organized for “SUPPORT” kick off meeting, an UE project financed by European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 with Interreg Europe, area 3 (Low carbon Economy), joined by 11 partners coming from 9 European countries.

From energy efficiency of building depend more aspects of environmental, economic and social progress, accountability on use of resources, less waste production and work opportunities. Project’s aim, who help local governments, research agencies and public and private stakeholders, is to get and share solutions for more integrated policies and investment plans in public buildings energy improvement, now contained by not coordinated lines and difficulties on getting financial resources as structural funds.

Metropolitan City of Rome, together with Bulgary, Croatia, Malta, Romania, Spain and Sweden, will get and share ideas and experiences on public policies, improving local governments’ strategies for tapping into opportunities what today prevent the achievement of full potential in energy improvement.

“We’re carrying on – says metropolitan council member representative on Environment, Matteo Manunta – our responsibility on environmental sustainability. Concerning this European project we’ll work to give to the local governments we represent an integrated plan and technical instruments to get funds and opportunities to realize energy improvement investments. We have many expertise and professional instruments and we already developed advanced projects on improvement efficiency, less waste production, use of resources and sustainability, regarding at national and European regulations. We’re going on new activities such as this one, improving quality and value of public services for people and places.

Thanks either to teachers and students of our hospitality training institute in Castel Fusano – says Manunta – who offer to the foreigner partners lunch and coffee breaks during the meeting. We also use freely biodegradable dishes ad tableware on mater-b, a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic.

“We’re pleased by this event – adds Fabio Fucci, Deputy Maior of Metropolitan City of Rome – as opportunity to develop, together with european partners, efficiency and energy improvement of our great public assets and buildings of our territory. Is a possibility of sharing ideas and common growing, in a complex field as sustainable progress and development, a challenge for our project capability in line with other European metropolitan cities, that give us opportunity to realize our mission and role on supporting local institutions we represent, removing obstacles on investments to the benefit of environment, communities and resources.