Dear reader,

The fifth SUPPORT newsletter, at the end of phase 1 of the project, brings to you all the latest updates of the implementation status.

The project that started with the goal of improving various policy instruments across nine EU regions, ends its first phase on June 30th this year. Still, SUPPORT has barely crossed the halfway line with the second phase intended for monitoring of actions prepared and envisaged within nine action plans to set to start on July 1st and that will last for two years. Even though this semester was mainly oriented toward the finalisation of regional action plans, activities still had transnational dimension with the last two-day Interregional seminar organised in Gozo (Malta) last March. The seminar was heavily oriented towards the presentation of various approaches to fostering EE and RES measures implementation with topics ranging from e-mobility to public buildings,and furthermore, from employees education processes to behavioural changes stimulation.

The seminar also represented one of the last opportunities to discover ideas ready to be replicated in partners’ regions. Partners also continued with participation to staff exchanges in order to further improve the quality of measures planned in their action plans.

Phase 1 of the project was concluded with the organisation of nine final regional conferences which showcased the projects accomplishments and presented the action plans developed. During five semesters of implementation, through various regional and interregional activities, many local stakeholders were involved across nine participating regions. The project identified 26 good practices of implementation of EE and RES use measures on public buildings. It organised 8 staff exchanges which involved 23 participants. The staff exchanges represented a unique opportunity for stakeholders for direct and personal transfer of practices identified as suitable for their regions.

We hope that you will enjoy the reading and that you’ll stay tuned for phase 2!