A Local Conference on "Improving the Energy Efficiency of Local and Regional Infrastructure in Municipalities" was organized by ANATOLIKI S.A as part of the European project Interreg Europe - SUPPORT.

The event took place on Thursday, June 20, 2019, at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Kalamaria, in the metropolitan area of Thessaloniki. 

During the workshop, Dr. Kostas Konstantinou presented the project "SUPPORT" as a means of supporting the improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings, according to the ROP's policy "Central Macedonia 2014-2020", for the Energy Upgrade of Public Buildings.  

A representative of the Managing Authority of the Region of Central Macedonia presented the Procurement Call in which 54 municipal and public buildings were selected for energy upgrading, causing the initial budget to increase from 26.7 million to about 40 million Euros.

Also, representatives of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Serres presented the buildings selected from the above call for energy saving interventions, as well as the production of energy from Renewable Sources to be installed in these buildings. 

Finally, an Action Plan, elaborated under the SUPPORT project, for energy savings in public / municipal buildings and infrastructures in the Region of Central Macedonia, was presented, as well as a proposal for the creation of an Energy Observatory to be established in the Region for the monitoring of the energy consumption of municipal buildings, supported by ANATOLIKI S.A.