The last event planned for the first phase of the Support Interreg project was completed yesterday in Malta.

Three days of work to give an overview of the shared activities and participate in the IV interregional seminar on the themes of the project with all the partners. Particular attention has been given to the discussion on the local action plans on which the partners are working and will have to be presented in order to be approved by the European offices.

The 9 Action Plans will be presented by the end of the first phase, that is on 30 June 2019 and they will be monitored in the second phase of the project, for the next two years. During the international seminar, interesting and innovative initiatives and projects were presented by partner’s and expert have provided material for reflection on how to intervene with different approaches to the crucial theme: energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption.

The last day, after the steering committee, a guided study visit was held to the building of Parliament of Malta, designed by Renzo Piano, with significant energy saving solutions and energy self-production that make it a building with almost zero emissions (NZEB).