The study visit was centred on the Smart City concept, an initiative taken on by Alba Iulia in 2016 which aims to intelligently use information, data and technologies capable of responding to the challenges of adaptability, sustainable social and economic development, energy and the environment.

The Smart City project is expected to increase the efficiency of processes, reduce costs, improve quality of life, secure a sustainable future for citizens.
The participants could find out more details about the measures being implemented under vertical strategies such as Sustainable/Intelligent buildings and Public utilities and ICT.

The technologies and systems presented in the smart energy model for Alba Iulia included the street lighting control - delivering energy efficiency and improved safety and security. The lighting posts present potential to serve other purposes such as environmental data collection stations as well as Wi-Fi transmitters, advertising etc.
All participants of the study visit were pleasantly surprised by the level of the commitment of the Alba Iulia Municipality for the implementation of smart solutions that are related to sustainable development as well.