In May Anatoliki S.A. -  Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorties has hosted, within the staff exchange program, the Swedish work team of the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden accompanied by a Municipality of Kalmar representative, and the Spanish group of FAMP accompanied by a Municipality of Cadiz representative. Both circumstances have offered the opportunity for visiting the green roof on the Municipality of Edessa City Hall building and school buildings of the Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis.
In Pilea Hortiatis, visitors have seen the photovoltaic panels system which are installed over the first local high school roof and had the opportunity to know more about the Ground heat pump system for indoor heating and cooling.


This system uses 25-30% of energy that contributes significantly to energy saving. The geothermal heat exchanger soaks up or discharges heat directly into the ground; it is of vertical type, in drillings with a depth of about 100 meters and consists of a closed piping system from high-density polyethylene, where water flows.
In Edessa the core of the study was about the refurbishings that have interested the City Hall and the Cultural Center buildings.
Windows replacements, thermal and acoustic windows framing, electrical openings, window solar screens are all actions that have considerably reduced energy consumption of the two buildings which are, moreover, climate controlled because of a weather compensation sensor and independent temperature control.
Furthermore, the City Hall is enriched with a green roof. The energy audit showed the lack of insulation in the roof. This problem was addressed with the plants rather than plain insulation as the benefits from a “planted” roof are multiple. It was chosen to install a green roof (655 m2) of the extensive type with a 15 cm vegetal substrate thickness.