Topics in focus: Green public procurement, ESCO and EU financial instruments

Why should you join us? In case you are interested in energy retrofitting, green public procurement, ESCO and EU financial instruments, be free to join us and discover how all these topics should be implemented in sustainable energy policies!

Who will visit 2nd SUPPORT interregional seminar? Interregional seminar is open to all interested public, especially to: policy makers, managers of public buildings, experts from energy sector, energy agencies, suppliers of energy related services, universities and research centers interested in energy planning and all energy users.

Each day of event is dedicated to one of following themes:

- On 13th March through guided study visit you will discover how energy retrofitting has been done on a historical building: The case of San Luis de los Franceses.

- Second day is dedicated to Green public procurement (GPP). Procedure of green public procurement will be introduced, following best practice examples and possibility to launch a model of joint public and cross border joint public procurement. In the second  part of the day three parallel sessions managed by the round table moderator will be organised on the following topics: Is there a place for GPP in the public procurement process? How to contribute to the institutional change towards GPP? GPP in the context of sustainable development at local and national level.

- Third day is focused on ESCO model, as one of the ways how to finance energy efficient projects. Among other, it will be discussed what challenges should ESCO address and is the Super ESCO a successful model for stimulating energy efficiency and what conditions you should met for a successful cross border ESCO networking.

- Last day will provide insight on financial instrument schemes available for energy efficiency. In the second part of the day round table participants will discuss on financial instruments available to support energy efficiency in public buildings, public infrastructure, residental sector and resource efficiency in enterprises.

Once again, participation is open to all interested public.

How to confirm your participation? Please confirm us your participation by filling out Registration form which you will send to [email protected] or to [email protected] .

We are looking forward to welcome you at 2nd SUPPORT interregional seminar in Seville!