Today, November 17, took place the meeting - in the online mode - of the Energy Manging Board whichhas been established following the framework agreement signed by ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) Lazio Region and Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, within the activities forseen in the Action Plan of the European project SUPPORT - Interreg Europe.
SUPPORT’s Action Plan identifies in PER – Regional Energetic Plan – a fundamental policy instrument on which operate, specifically contributing to the implementation of the section 3.3.8 that sees the partecipation of the Municipalities in the New Covenant of Mayors as a contribution to the fullfillment of the Plan’s Burden Sharing goals.
CMRC aims to provide support to at least 20 Municipalities of the area in order to participate in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate  & Energy.
In the working table, around which gathered the three underwriters and Climate Alliance (Italy), both as advisory partner and as main stakeholder of the Covenant of Mayors, ideas and initiatives have been discussed aiming at exploring the best strategy to accomplish SUPPORT project’s goals.
By the end of the year, a series of online workshops will be launched with the contribution of ENEA. The seminars will be dedicated to technical personnel in the Municipalities to foster the implementation of energy sustainability actions at local level.
ENEA and Lazio Region will make available tax deduction data of the municipalities partecipating in the Covenant of Mayors, as well as data about the energy certification of buildings , in order to help Municipalities in ccalculating the Baseline Emission Inventory and in defining mitigation and adaption measures needed for drafting SECAPs,
Participants agreed on the necessity to organize further meetings about the issue of data sharing, trying to integrate and systematize those platforms that are already available to the three bodies.
Lots of ideas and valid proposals came up from today’s meeting, not only for SUPPORT but also for further collaborations, thus strengthening the belief that coordinating relations among various levels of governance is the winning card.