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Rhineland-Palatinate – 2nd Regional Workshops


The 2nd regional Workshop on energy data availability and financing of...

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Staff-exchange: Greece welcome ESS and FAMP


In May Anatoliki S.A. -  Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local...

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ALEA (Romania), 2nd Regional Workshop


Alba Local Energy Agency held the second regional workshop of the project...

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Staff-exchange: visiting the Kalamar county


During three intense days in April stakeholders from partners ALEA and EARLP...

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Grant vs financial instruments


The third focus group has tried to light up the different points of view on the...

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Ways that work for ESCOs challenges


Within the second interregional workshop held in Seville, partners and...

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How to help institutional changes in GPP


The first of the focus groups held in Seville, in the Second Interregional...

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ESS Sweden, 2nd semester activities


The Energy Agency for southeast Sweden (ESS) met with three municipalities...

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Seville, 4th day report


Last day of the 2nd interregional seminar in Seville was focused on the UE...

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Seville, 3rd day report and 4th day programme


Here in Seville time passes productively between a conference and a workshop.

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2nd Interregional Seminar - 1st and 2nd day


The second Interregional Seminar has begun yesterday

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Seville 2nd day photos and 3rd day programme


The second day of the Interregional Seminar in Seville has just finished and we...

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