Project good practices

Aprilia Innova – Local Urban Development Plan

Summary: Aprilia Innova: Lazio Region “Local Urban Development Plan” (PLUS) Municipal-level Application. 20-20-20 Energy and climate objectives implementation tool.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)

Energy refurbishment of public building in according to...

Summary: Energy efficiency interventions on public school building. Pilot project to define invitation to tender “Product specification” adequate to CAM.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)

[email protected] - The Energy Saving Contest for Public Authorities —...

Summary: The H2020 [email protected] project focused on how to reduce energy consumption in the office by encouraging staff to make small changes to their everyday behaviour.

Location: Småland med öarna, Sweden (Sverige)

System for Monitoring and Verification of energy savings (SMIV)

Summary: SMIV is used to calculate energy savings, analyze and continuously oversight energy efficiency targets in three main sectors: building, industry and transport.

Location: Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Energy management information system (EMIS)

Summary: EMIS is a national web application for monitoring, analysis and verifying of energy and water consumption data and savings in public sector buildings.

Location: Jadranska Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Local biomass heat network in Yunquera municipality

Summary: R&D project in collaboration with TRAGSA for the construction of a heat network in municipal public buildings using biomass from the municipal forest area

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

REDEJA – Andalusian Government Administration Energy Network

Summary: Energy Network for Andalusian Government Public Buildings: Promotion within the Andalusian Administration principles of energy saving and diversification.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

Eco Kindergarten

Summary: Construction of an ECO kindergarten, with energy class A

Location: Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)

Construction of Eco exposition center Flora in Bourgas

Summary: Construction of an exhibition center in accordance with the green architecture and the principles of EE and RES

Location: Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)

Increasing the EE of the central heating system of public...

Summary: Increasing the energy efficiency of the central heating system of three public buildings in the municipality of Bourgas, Meden Rudnik Residential Area

Location: Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)

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