The second Interregional Seminar of project SUBTRACT - that took place on November 26-28, 2020 – was also the occasion to hold an Intensive workshop on 3 specific topics for reuse centres: Stimulating supply and demand, Management and financial solutions and Performance indicators for reuse centres.
The second day, Ivan Božić, manager of the social cooperative “Humana Nova” in Croatia, and Paolo Ferraresi of Reuse and Advisory partner of SUBTRACT (Belgium) presented respectively examples for Management and financial solutions and performance indicators. “We are profitable as a social business, fighting textile waste on one side, and unemployment of disabled persons on the other side”, said Ivan. Their business-to-business perspective (B2) is a necessity, given the lack of public financial support. “There is none available” was his laconic comment. Paolo discussed possible indicators for the performance of reuse centres and their role in management. “The social and environmental benefits of reuse centres are obvious”, he explained, “Reuse has calculated the medium costs avoided when a person that profited from social services works in a reuse centre. The sum can be quantified in € 12.000 per year.”