The second Interregional Seminar of project SUBTRACT - that took place online on November 26-28, 2020 – was also the occasion to hold an Intensive workshop on three specific topics for reuse centres: Stimulating supply and demand, Management and financial solutions and Performance indicators for reuse centres.
The first day, Sofia Bysted, manager of the reuse shopping mall Retuna in Eskiltuna (Sweden), and Marina Fornasier, president of the social enterprise “Insieme” in Vicenza (Italy) presented their experiences of how to stimulate supply and demand. Sofia took the participants on a guided tour through their centre underlining the work they do on upcycling: “We are not a flea market, we improve the quality of the goods. So, you can save the world and do business.” Marina illustrated the communication activities of her cooperative Insieme, which “tries to communicate with the new generations that second-hand purchases, are cool and sustainable. The strategy is to get away from the image of cheap stuff on sale and strengthening the environmental part of the reuse discourse. ‘Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution’.”