The first regional workshop took place on January 21 in Nova Gorica. The stakeholders that responded to the invitation came from relevant organizations including public administration, municipalities of the region, waste management service providers, non-profit organizations and private enterprises.
During the meeting they were asked to propose ideas, identify opportunities and obstacles in the field of circular economy and reuse in the Goriška region. Jasmina Nikić from the Regional Development Agency of Northen Primorska ltd. Nova Gorica introduced the meeting and presented the project SUBTRACT, while Mr. Rolih from the City of Nova Gorica gave an overview of the national legislation. During the workshop various examples and good practices of sustainable development and circular economy were presented.
All participants converged on the objective that Goriška region and its administrative center Nova Gorica need to strive towards a zero waste region, while Slovenia is expected to move significantly towards a circular economy. The closest good practice to follow is for now the city of Ljubljana, which achieved the highest share of separately collected waste and became the Green Capital in 2016, followed by Tallinn and Helsinki.
Nova Gorica is currently in the phase of setting up its first reuse centre. The activity will be accompanied by supporting promotional activities aiming to encourage citizens to reduce the amount of waste they produce, promoting reduction, reuse and responsible consumption.