The kick-off regional workshop in Umbria on January 17th, 2020 was attended by a highly qualified group of some 60 stakeholders. The seminar was introduced by Karl-Ludwig Schibel, Climate Alliance Italy, the external expert in charge of Project Management and Communication. Giuseppe Rossi, director of the lead partner AURI, delivered the opening lecture. He gave an overview of the project presenting the results of the questionnaire on reuse centers that was previously submitted to the stakeholders via an online. Paolo Ferraresi from RReuse, gave an illuminating overview and illustrated some cases of excellence like de kringwinkel in Flanders or the social cooperative “Insieme” in Vicenza, Italy. Sandro Costantini, head of the “Environmental assessment, development and environmental sustainability” illustrated the policies of the Region of Umbria and the representatives of the two reuse centers that are currently active in Umbria, San Marco (Perugia) and Marsciano presented their experience. The seminar concluded with an extensive debate among the stakeholders present that centered on the non-commercial character the Region of Umbria imposes on reuse centers which hinders the development of a sound economic base, the lack of an overall plan as to where to situate the centers in Umbria which should each have a viable catchment area and the impossibility under the present regulation to repair goods that are being brought to a reuse center. 

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