STAR Cities good practices webinar

The first webinar of the Interreg Europe project STAR Cities presents good practices identified during european seminars on the theme "How to engage locals and communities in river tourism development ?"

Four good practices from three STAR Cities partners are discussed during this first webinar:

  • Hamburg Metropolitan Region : Tage der Industriekultur / Industrial Heritage Festival
  • Public Institution Kaunas 2022 : Fluxus Labs community programme  and "Modernism for the Future" programme 
  • Val-de-Marne Tourism Board : Vitry-sur-Seine street art tours with Vitry'n Urbaine

The Tage der Industriekultur / Industrial Heritage Festival

The industrial heritage festival is hosted annually in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The central office creates the platform for local museums, local voluntary associations and municipalities to take part.

Fluxus Labs community programme

Fluxus Labs is a community lab programme created by the Public Institution Kaunas 2022, where ideas, opinions and experiences of local residents rotate, encouraging creative dialogue and generating connections and changes. From 2018 to 2022, it is planned to establish 35 creative labs in Kaunas and Kaunas district, including the riversides. They should unite the residents of microdistricts for joint creative and communal actions, where ideas shared by neighbours and acquaintances (or not quite acquainted people) strive to see the daylight. Fluxus Labs will bring a lot of unexpected things: from the Fluxus Festival to meetings in yards, sometimes forgotten or well-known places, but most importantly, the residents of Kaunas will gather and create together.

"Modernism for the Future" programme

The programme of Kaunas 2022 “Modernism for the Future” is an open space for initiatives and meetings, welcoming professionals from various fields, building owners, heritage community and representatives of cultural initiatives for discussions, idea workshops, art and culture who together create the strategy for preservation, interpretation and dissemination of modernist heritage. Our goal is to awaken responsibility for the environment that surrounds us and create an emotional connection with the urban landscape (including the riverside) and culture. The title of the ECOC is an accomplishment that enables a powerful impulse to create the success story of preservation of modernist heritage, where heritage is created by creating a contemporary presence.

Vitry-sur-Seine street art tours with Vitry'n Urbaine

Vitry'N Urbaine is a small NGO that promotes street art in Vitry-sur-Seine and other places in Val-de-Marne. Its founder, Jean-Philippe, is above all a passionnate inhabitant. He organises guided tours with street artists, workshops, events, etc with the help of STAR Cities lead partner, the Val-de-Marne Tourism Board.