Ferry Japsand reinforces the "Elblinien" on the Stadersand and Hamburg route

Hamburg Metropolitan Region is very pleased that the ferry line Wattenfährlinien GmbH is strengthening its ferry service between Stadersand and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg with an additional ship.

The Japsand is expected to support the existing ferry Liinsand from June onwards. This will double the frequency on the route and triple the capacity. In August 2019, the Elbe Lines had again initiated ferry operations between Stade and Hamburg. The connection was so successful that capacities were not sufficient and now, after less than a year, an expansion is taking place. On May 18th the Japsand was added to the Elbe Lines' fleet and met the Liinsand for the first time at the Stadersand.

The new ferry has room for 118 passengers, 42 are on the sun deck with an excellent view of the Elbe and river landscape. On the Liinsand there is room for 50 passengers in comparison. Thanks to a solar panel and wind power on board, no additional shore power is required.

So far, the catamaran "Liinsand" has been operating three times a day in both directions. This connection was resumed after the break due to the corona. The Japsand is expected to operate in the opposite direction from June onwards.

Both ships will cross the Elbe once in the morning, once at noon and once in the evening, enabling guests to travel between the at higher frequency. The reinforcement also has great advantages for cyclists, the Japsand offers space for up to 30 bikes.