Third STAR Cities stakeholders meeting in Kaunas

Eleven community members participated in the third STAR Cities stakeholders meeting, from different Kaunas and Kaunas district areas : Zapyskis, Panemunè, Aleksotas, Senamiestis etc.

The content of the meeting

After the last two meetings this time the community member were invited to share their ideas on riverside including the storytelling as a method for site specific projects. Eleven local stakeholders presented their stories and discussed with Jakterina Lavrinec (curator of communal art and practitioner of the development of communal spaces) about the implementation.

The tasks were included into the meeting:

- Two or more collected stories / episodes about the river. Recorded ;

- Images and / or objects related to the Nemunas River in one way or another: archival photographs, family photos, possibly some objects related to the river through which history may be revealed; 

- The vision of how to articulate own material, the sketches.


The next meeting will be placed outdoor using the traveling pavilion to collect artefacts brought by local people, related to the history of their riverside territory, authentic experience . The abject itself work as a tool of Kaunas 2022 program "Upynès" (platform dedicated to the revitalization of the rivers in Kaunas and Kaunas District) to engage the community. Taking into account the close relationship between communities and the riverside areas in Kaunas and Kaunas District, the pavilion function as a traveling creative laboratory.

The results will appear in digital map Kaunas 2022 rivers program.

The third meeting should be seen as successful. During this meeting, the generation of realizable ideas began. lt is expected to engage a wider audience into the discussion about the riverside tourism development using the new tools.