Fourth STAR Cities stakeholders meeting of Kaunas 2022

Around 60 people from Panemuné district of Kaunas city attended the fourth local stakeholders meeting and 16 of them participated in all day activities .

The objective of the meeting was to attract more local community members for discussion about the meaning of the riverside and sustainable tourism.

A day dedicated to the local communities

All day meeting was full of community based activities. The personal attachment to the place is very important creating self sustainable local products for foreign tourists along the river. For instance, during the drawing activity, conversations were held with local people about the history of the river in Panemuné. There were some who lived in Panemuné for as long as 70 years. With the help of a local ornithologist, people knew birds flying in the Nemunas through a special telescope etc.

This meeting was placed on the riverbank of Panemuné. Using the traveling pavilion the artefacts brought by local people were collected. Ali the material was related to the history of their riverside territory, authentic experience. The object itself works as a tool of Kaunas 2022 program "Upynés" (platform dedicated to the revitalization of the rivers in Kaunas and Kaunas District) to engage the community. Taking into account the close relationship between communities and the riverside areas in Kaunas and Kaunas District, the pavilion function as a traveling creative laboratory.

The results will appear in digital map Kaunas 2022 rivers program.

The fourth meeting was very popular among the local stakeholders and will be continued in the other districts of the City and its region.