Third stakeholders meeting in Hamburg

The third stakeholders meeting took place in Hamburg on the 20 August 2019 in the Hamburg Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation. 10 persons attended the meeting.

Regional Assessment : Presentation of the main results (SWOT)

After a welcoming address and a short introduction round, project manager Tanja Blätter presented the results of the SWOT analysis of the Regional Assessment.

Report from Rome : Impressions and Results

The most important learning priorities were identified. In addition, the main topics of the next Interregional Learning Sessions were identified.

The learning needs/selected themes of the future workshops in the framework of the project have been identified : cooperation and governance, sustainability and community engagement and products and marketing.

The community engagement of the project partners Kaunas 2022 creates a stronger identification and was rated as a good example for all. 

With regard to "Cooperation", Rome is trying to conclude a treaty on the Tiber River. Ms Köhler reports that Hamburg is not recognised as a sustainable travel destination.

The topic of sustainability has so far caused general helplessness in the project. The term is on everyone's lips, but its meaning is not tangible. Hamburg Tourismus GmbH has been dealing with the concept of sustainability for a year now and conclusions will be reported during one of the next meetings.

The international partners are particularly interested in cycling, industrial culture, harbours and pleasure boat harbours when it comes to the Hamburg region. The topic of the Interregional Learning Session in April 2020 in Hamburg will be "Products and Marketing".

Presentation of the thematic programmes for the next Interregional learning sessions  

The thematic programmes have been decided during the first Interregional Learning Session in Rome in July 2019.

  • 11-13 September 2019 in Kaunas : "Locals & Communities"
  • March/April 2020 in Hamburg : "Tourism products & marketing"
  • June 2020 : "Environment & Sustainability"
  • September-October 2020 in Val-de-Marne : "Governance and coordination"

Preparation interregional learning session in Kaunas: Workshop "Activation and Involvement of Locals and Communities"

Stakeholder MRH : Extension of the Circle

A list of participants that could be invited as stakeholders to future meetings was provided