Second STAR Cities stakeholders meeting in Kaunas

Twenty two new community members participated from different Kaunas City and Kaunas District areas. At least three more meetings of local stakeholders will be organized this year.

Programme of the meeting

Presentation of the project Europe STAR Cities : the main aim of participation; why Interreg Europe; overview of the common history backgound of all project partners; lifetime of the STAR Cities project; Kaunas 2022 river program and digital mapping of Kaunas and Kaunas District riverside: buildings, constructions, engineering objects, installations in water and near: marinas, bridges, quays, exits, objects of heritage, their remnants; natural objects in the river and the rivers: shores, coastlines, islands, fronts, estuaries, river flora etc., historical, archival, photographs; events, community initiatives, coastal and river-related cultural processes; introduction to the presentation of the main activities this year.

- Discussion with local stakeholders about their relations with the rivers, mapping, preparation task for the next time. This meeting helped to invite more local stakeholders into the discussion about their relation with the rivers.

During the next meeting (scheduled on April, 5th 2019), all the participants will meet Jakterina Lavrinec (curator of communal art and practitioner of the development of communal spaces). Workshop with local stakeholders, storytelling. Preparation for an art project. The results will appear in digital map Kaunas 2022 rivers program.