On December 19th, 2018, the first stakeholders meeting was held in Rome and organized by Lazio Region. The Lazio Region was represented by eight members. Ten local stakeholders from different fields attended the event as well.

Programme of the meeting :

- Presentation of the stakeholders involved

- Purpose of the meeting and project guidelines

- Introduction to the European funding program “Interreg Europe”

- Presentation of STAR Cities (general objective, methodology, expected results, cost)

- Exchange with the stakeholders on the project

All of the stakeholders showed a great interest to participate in the project because the development of activities along the Tiber river, especially in suburban areas, will favour the creation of new jobs and will attract tourist flows in that district.

The meeting had a positive outcome and surely it was the base for a fruitful collaboration.  In the next months, other meetings with local stakeholders will be organized.