An intricate network of smart sensors and wireless gateways has been incorporated into buildings, streets, squares and objects in Antwerp under the City of Things project. Residents and businesses will soon be connected to various innovative applications through this network. Digital innovation is giving the city greater economic clout. With the insights provided by the City of Things, the city and businesses are able to collect and use data to make effective decisions and build innovative smart applications. The port, too, will soon be a breeding ground for innovative smart applications.

The biggest Living Lab in Europe
Imec has great ambitions for the project: the Antwerp Living Lab must become Europe’s largest testing ground for Internet of Things applications. “In our collaboration with the City of Antwerp and Flanders, we aspire to become a top player in the connected world. The City of Things allows us to rally residents, developers, entrepreneurs, government agencies, research centres and universities together under the same objective, as we aim to develop innovative products for a better Flanders. Antwerp is becoming a Living Lab and technology lab where anyone can help shape a sustainable and forward-looking society,” says imec CEO Luc Van den hove.