From now on, the new Florentine and Tuscan artisan companies (in particular those manufacturing) have a golden opportunity to perpetuate their chances of being on the market and a secure environment to do so (providing them human resources, services, training and mentoring): The one created by Artex-Centre for Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany, the School of Business Science and Industrial Technologies of Florence through its incubator "MIP-Murate Idea Park" and the City of Florence which actively supports the two realities. The Municipality in fact provides the spaces of the Old Convent of Via Giano della Bella to Artex, and is the founding partner of SSATI.

Alessandro Vittorio Sorani, chairman of Artex and Giacomo Lucibello, president of the School, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the growth of a new business, in the presence of Economic Development Deputy Mayor Cecilia Del Re and Director of Guya Berti School: new generation of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who, with their own projects, their businesses, their capabilities, can help to innovate and value the artisanal fabric of the area with particular attention to the manufacturing sector.

A set of joint actions aimed at encouraging the application of new technologies to handicrafts; improve customer relationship and customer experience at every stage of life of products / services (both new and pre-existing, manufacturing species), from pre-sale to caring; realization of training projects for the start up of business; share the Murate and Convent spaces for incubation, co-working, mentoring, technical and business training, entrepreneurial scouting and networking; participate in jointly funded projects in the field of training, research and innovation.