Two project for supporting social enterepreneurship

Newly established re-use centre Kabinet and social enterprise z5smysl have been granted support from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs call no. 129 to boost development of social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. Thanks to SOCIAL SEEDS project these enterprises received over 230 000 € from the call.

Re-use centre Kabinet is a new social enterprise which main activity is recycling of furniture and other household items. It organizes workshops for general public on furniture renovation, home-made snack napkins and others. Dana Kalistová, the company manager, confirms that the workshops have proven very popular, especially those on the furniture renovation. Apart from workshops, Kabinet also offers shared renovation workroom for anyone who does not have one of their own. For those who do not feel fit to make renovation themselves, Kabinet offers already renovated and re-designed used furniture.

Social enterprise z5smysl was founded with a mission to provide work for people with mental disorders. Newly open branch EKO provides household and office cleaning services, slowly gaining its customers. So far 10 contracts have been signed, out of which two were awarded in public procurement calls. ESF funds from the Ministry call have helped to develop the concept and attract new customers, adds Iva Černá, secretary of z5smysl company.

Currently, both social enterprises cooperate, especially on search for additional funds. Financial instruments, a new tool for distribution of ESF funds, implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, should help with the future development of both undertakings. It will be made possible with the help from RERA which, as a part of second phase of SOCIAL SEEDS project, cooperates on implementation of regional workshops aimed at financial instruments and their practical use.