Social Economy Europe published its Memorandum for the European elections 2019. The document stresses the importance of the social economy for the future of Europe, based on sustainable development and economicand social progress, through a European Union based on cooperation, democracy, solidarity, respect for its diversity, innovation and active citizenship.
In furthering the development of EU-wide social economy and to unlock the full potential of social economy as a driver of economic and social progress and cohesion, the Memorandum sets out 10 proposals to the European Institutions:
  1. Set-up of a European Action Plan for the Social Economy
  2. Re-establish the European Parliament's Social Economy Intergroup
  3. Consolidate the structured dialogue between the Social Economy and the EU Institutions
  4. Advance towards a European legal framework for all social economy enterprises and organisations
  5. Improve access to finance and EU funding for social economy enterprises and organisations
  6. Put the social economy at the heart of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the EU semester, Cohesion Policy, the Sustainable Development Goals and the debate on the Future of Work
  7. Boost social and technological innovation and inter-cooperation among social economy enterprises and organisations
  8. Improve the visibility of the social economy
  9. Foster the role of the social economy in the External Action of the European Union
  10. Promote socially responsible public procurement.

Consult the full Memorandum here.