June 20th, 2019. The Hague – The market place to be…
Imagine participants arriving at The Hague HS station, walking to the premises of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and entering an open hall with a market where approximately 25 market stalls present inspiring projects in the field of migrant entrepreneurship (mainly, but not only, on Access to Finance)
A market place where inspiring ideas are offered and interested idea-hungry persons have a chance to get information about approaches they might use back home.
Participants wander around, drink their coffee, register, look into the event brochure and are inspired by your presence. But then, you have to be there! You need your market stall!
What do we offer?
  • A huge space with 25 market stalls in the framework of an international conference bringing together over 150 practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers, service providers and entrepreneurs. Ready for you.
  • Benefiting from power sources, exposure, networking and new ideas and good practices
  • Free coffee and lunch for “marketeers”
  • A special prize for the most inspiring market stall!
What do we expect from you?
  • Let us know asap if you want to participate and have your own stall and what initiative you want to showcase.
  • Arrive on time to build up your stall (8 am in the morning on the 20th of June to have the stall ready by 9 am);
  • Bring all the materials you want to display (posters, banners, tv screens, computers, 3d printer, brochures, books, reports, pictures, music, migrant entrepreneurs, products migrants have produced, business cards. Whatever you think is useful, informative, inspiring, thought provoking).
  • You ensure that somebody from your organisation who enjoys interacting with others is there until at least 2 pm!

Contact Karijn Nijhoff and Patricia Martinez before May 8th.