Join us on March 26th in Brussels to explore what the EU and its citizens can do to fully exploit the tremendous potential of social enterprises.

On the 26th of March our project, together with European Association of Development Agencies, Social Economy Europe, ReConfirm, the European Commission and EMEN will be organsing a large event on social economy in the heart of Europe.
As the title suggests, this international conference will gather development practitioners, experts and policy makers to explore how policies, programmes and structures can make a difference to support social enterprises. Social enterprises are agents of inclusive growth and democratisation of the economic and social spheres. They are natural allies for governments. However, governments are not always able to address challenges to help social enterprises flourish.
Among the many challenges: start-up, scale-up, finance, internationalisation, up-skilling, and innovation, proved to be very complex, and thus they will deserve a specific attention during the conference. AGORADA 2019 "Exploiting the full potential of social enterprises" will foster solution-oriented exchange, enable networking and bring local and regional agents of development closer to the EU institutions and opportunities.
Don't miss out on this opportunity and register now for free via the event website.